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Travel Insurance

Travel coverage that leaves all your worries behind.

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Trip Insurance Coverage: Do I Need Trip Cancellation & Medical Coverage?

In Alberta, you can expect to pay a portion of the total cost of your flight for a basic travel insurance policy. Always be prepared for the unexpected, even if you’ve only booked a short flight – as proper coverage could be the difference between having an amazing trip to owing tens of thousands of dollars.

Travel Outside Alberta or Canada

If you’re a wanderer and love to hike in the mountains of British Columbia or surf in Mexico, you’ll need medical insurance. Why? Alberta’s medical insurance only cover seven percent of your travel expenses outside of the province and Canada; a medical emergency could leave you financially devastated.

Emergency Medical Insurance

The last thing you want to think about on vacation is if you have enough money to cover a hospital stay or a medical procedure. Make sure you buy enough medical insurance ahead of your trip.

Emergency Medical Insurance Includes:

  • Ambulance service
  • Emergency hospital stay or medical treatment,
  • Prescriptions
  • Emergency air transportation

Trip Interruption and Cancellation Insurance

It pays to have financial protection when an accident or theft happens.  This type of coverage will prevent unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses for cancelled plans or trip disruption during the travel period.


  • Unexpected sickness
  • Natural disaster
  • Travel advisory
  • Missed connection

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

If  a death or injury occurs outside Alberta or Canada that requires a person to be airlifted to a hospital or a family member needs to be on a plane to deal with arrangements, this insurance option will ease the financial burden.


We take care of you on the road, on a boat, even climbing a mountain – we offer you protection anywhere you roam.

Travel Insurance Benefits

Medical Expense Coverage

Nothing ruins a vacation more than a huge bill that follows you home. We help you get insurance protection when you need it the most: in a hospital, an ambulance ride, or a flight home.

Protection for your belongings

When you lose your baggage during a trip, it’s stressful. The baggage add-on protection ensures you have adequate protection on the road, in the air, or on a boat. Whatever your mode of travel, we have you covered.

No Unexpected Fees

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or plan one vacation a year, you can’t control if you get sick, loss your job, or even miss your flight. Trip interruption and cancellation insurance covers you when your plans change on a whim.

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We treat you like family. Since 1983, Link Insurance has partnered with multiple insurance companies to give you first-hand access to competitive rates and great customer service. Our skilled brokers will walk you through your insurance policy documents and translate the often-complicated insurance lingo.

Travel Coverage

Many of your travel insurance options include added insurance benefits that help you get from A to B without major headaches.

3 Optional Travel Insurance Options

Baggage Insurance: misplacing or losing your baggage during a trip is a major hassle. Baggage insurance covers loss, damage, and theft of your personal belongings, travelling anywhere in the world by air, land, or water.

Rental Car Insurance: whether you’re headed outside Alberta or abroad, your rental car will be covered for losses and damage. This coverage includes towing, salvage, and more.

Sports Insurance: ziplining and hiking is covered under your standard emergency medical coverage. For more extreme sports, optional sports insurance protection is ready for your next bull run or scuba diving adventure.