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Competitive Rates

With almost 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, we provide you with access to our insurance company partners and with it a range of insurance rate choices.

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As an independent brokerage, we give you a variety of insurance policy coverage options, from personal to commercial lines, that will suit your budget and lifestyle.

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Our skilled brokers are easy to find. We work for you across Calgary and Edmonton in 9 locations. We offer our services in 10 different languages to serve you better. Or you can buy your tenant’s and commercial insurance online!

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We help you when it’s convenient for you. Visit one of our 9 locations in Alberta. You can also buy your insurance online for tenant and commercial policies.

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We treat you like one of the family. Since 1983, Link Insurance has partnered with major insurance companies in Canada to give you first-hand access to competitive rates and great customer service. We help you insure everything from your home to a small business, and everything in between.


We offer personal and commercial line insurance services to get you on track for life.

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I believe that we received the best rate at the fairest price.

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I found Link Insurance to be very friendly and professional.

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The service level is exceptional and I especially appreciate the proactive personal contact from absolutely all their staff.

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I found Link Insurance to be very friendly and professional.

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