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Motorcycle Insurance

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Alberta Motorcycle Insurance: Link’s Motorcycle Insurance Brokers are #1

As more motorcycle riders join the roadways in Alberta, from bikers in rush hour traffic to weekend warriors, it’s essential to be protected and have enough motorcycle insurance in the event of a crash, injury or theft. You may choose a sleek Ducati or lively BMX  for your ride. Whatever the choices, you’ll need to take care to protect yourself, your bike, and your pocketbook from potential losses.

The Basics of Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance coverage options aren’t as exciting as your collector CB750 Honda or your chopper with loud pipes. But if you know how to protect yourself from a pricey monthly insurance bill, it will give you more money to spend on a fancy leather combo outfit. You want to look good too, right?

Mandatory Liability Coverage

If you want to ride a motorcycle on Alberta roads, you’ll need to have three types of mandatory insurance coverage.

Third Party Liability insurance: We highly recommend you carry $2 million in coverage.
Accident Benefits: This type of insurance pays for medical treatment, income replacement and other benefits to help you recover if you are injured in a collision, regardless of who caused it.
Uninsured Motorist Protection (UMP): This type of insurance coverage protects you in the event of death or injury caused by an uninsured or under-insured motorist or motorcyclist.

Optional Insurance Coverage

You need to protect your beast from theft and vandalism and on those cold, slick days, you want to avoid garage rot. Storage insurance and coverage for damage or loss to your motorcycle is optional and covered under collision and comprehensive insurance. Here’s an overview of the different optional coverage we offer:

  • Collision and Comprehensive insurance
  • Trailer towed by bike coverage
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Accessory insurance, including lock replacement
  • Motorcycle riding gear


We offer insurance protection, on and off the road.

Motorcycle Insurance Benefits

Protection for your Wallet

You may be a weekend warrior or only use your bike to get to work. Whatever your need to ride, with adequate insurance protection you’ll be well protected on and off the road.

24/7 Access

In case you have an accident, our insurance partners are available to help you at anytime of day. 24/7 help to submit a claim or get information on your policy is easier than you think.

Peace of Mind

On the open road, your risks are greater but you can be well protected with the proper insurance coverage. In the event of a loss, you’ll know what insurance options you have to fall back on, and you’ll be glad you did.

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Our Insurance Providers

We treat you like family. Since 1983, Link Insurance has partnered with major insurance companies in Canada to give you first-hand access to competitive rates and great customer service. Our skilled brokers will walk you through your insurance policy documents and translate the often-complicated insurance lingo.

Coverage for your Ride

If you only ride your motorcycle during the warmer season (March – October), your insurance company takes that into account when calculating your premium. So, although you have a one year policy rest assured you’re really paying for your active riding months.

There are even more benefits to full-year coverage, including taking your bike out on a sunny Winter day and protection from theft and vandalism.

Our experts at Link Insurance will help you find the best options. And, if you’re a newbie or wannabe rider – our insurance options can help you decide the best motorcycle to buy. You’ll be ahead of the game before you sink your teeth into the myriad of insurance options that we offer.